She revealed her daughter’s name and described a wonderful birth –

Tereza Ramba can’t believe how her daughter was born. Not even that the little girl is the absolute opposite of her son, who has been full everywhere since the difficult birth. She listed her feelings on Instagram.

Tereza Ramba recently became a double mother and she is passionate about it, the actress, who usually makes great secrets with privacy, has decided to share her joy with the whole universe this time. She shared a very long post on her Instagram, from which the followers learned a lot.

Tereza not only declassified that a baby girl was born to her and that little Mikolášek got a little sister. She also revealed that she named her daughter Teodor, saying that in the end she was Mira and for her she is also the Star, just as her son is the Sun. And she also confided in her an intimate experience of childbirth, which she said was orgasmic, which she had considered impossible until then.

“The broth smells. The apartment is tidy. I’m lying and saddened by the book I just read. Both children are sleeping. Both. Two. Two children. Two children. When the Sun was born, I don’t remember how long I didn’t cook. She didn’t read, “she began her post.” I kept swinging. I automatically assumed that I would have the same child. Teodora. I felt she was a girl. As with the Sun, I knew from day one that life was growing inside me and that he was a boy. “

“Nicholas was hungry. He roared and sucked, all the time. We rocked him like crazy. Up, down. I was scared, I was so scared. We passed him with Matthias from hand to hand like a rare spice. We gave him to no one else. did not lend. I’m scared too. But otherwise. Calm and sweet, safe. Like someone swaying you, but only lightly, like a boat on water, ” the abducted Tereza continued on her Instagram. It is evident from her confession that the two children are completely different. And childbirth was very different. “The little one was taken out of the hall and roared like a tiger. The star was born in silence. Orgasmic childbirth. I looked at the star in the screw on the bed handle. Just before the last phase, I began to lose myself, “she tried to approach a magical experience.”I was waiting for Teodora, but Mirenka came. Rate. Rate. In such peace and love.

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