Entertainment Shakira runs away from Paw Patrol and Piqué balconies...

Shakira runs away from Paw Patrol and Piqué balconies her in networks


Shakira run away from Paw Patrol and Pique the balcony in networksBecause her hiding place made thousands of her followers identify about how the dynamics at home have changed for the quarantine and with more time of the children at home.

Shakira Y Pique They are undoubtedly one of the most beloved couples in the middle of the show and last but not least, their two children, Milan and Sasha, have come into their lives to create an exemplary family.

Since they were little, Milan and Sasha have taken all kinds of courses guided by their parents, since Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They have been looking for ways to get the most out of their intellect with language classes, art, music, sports and more. Of course, they do not stop being children and having interests like all the others, even certain tastes that make their parents explode.

Paw Patrol is transformed into philosophy classes? For Shakira yes

Every dad and every mom knows that there are ages where children become fans of a particular program or movie, the years go by and they remember those days with a little grief and pleasure. Apparently, in the case of Milan and Sasha, that program has been Paw Patrol, but Shakira and Piqué They have found a way to go further in this quarantine.

In one of the rooms in your home, Shakira He took advantage of the extra time that quarantine has given him to develop new skills and thus, shared details of the ancient philosophy course he is taking virtually, Pique He was in charge of showing this “escape” to the entire world.

Just like other families who have been able to enjoy the privilege of staying at home, Shakira and Piqué They have chosen to take advantage of this time to strengthen love. In addition to classes and family time, they join those who have chosen to take advantage of a rearrangement of the home, playing board games and other dynamics.

For now, the anecdote has caused all kinds of comments in the accounts of Instagram from Shakira and Piqué, Particularly of fathers and mothers who have taken the opportunity to vent their control of their children on the television with the same series and movies over and over again.



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