Entertainment Shakira makes harsh criticism of different governments around the...

Shakira makes harsh criticism of different governments around the world. He calls them slow!


Singer Shakira has caused controversy on social networks after sharing a video on his official account of Instagram where do you send a forceful message to all the governments of the world, since it assures that they have acted slowly to combat the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Similarly Shakira asked everyone to watch this video to respect the sanitary measures that have been implemented in recent days, but above all invited Internet users to stay indoors to avoid getting this terrible disease.

The reason why Shakira She has decided to share this video on Instagram is because people believe that the coronavirus is not a serious issue, but no one expected the Colombian singer to attack the governments by calling them slow and inefficient.

Shakira makes harsh criticism of different governments around the world. He calls them slow!

Shakira lashes out at world governments

“Many countries are not listening to the recommendations of the health authorities. They are acting too late or they are prioritizing the economy over the health and well-being of citizens, “he said. Shakira in the video.

The singer pointed out that several countries in Latin America and Africa are not prepared to combat the coronavirus Because his medical service is inefficient, he also mentioned the situation that Europe is going through and asked not to make the same mistakes that have cost the lives of thousands of people.

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Shakira makes harsh criticism of different governments around the world. He calls them slow!

To end this video, Shakira He wanted to make it very clear that the best way to fight the coronavirus is to isolate himself completely, and he emphasized that the countries of Latin America and Africa follow these tips because they are the ones that will be most affected by this disease.

“We urge our leaders to implement fifteen days of extreme social distancing”

“… the closure of schools and public places where people gather to flatten this curve and to stop the spread of the virus,” he said. Shakira.

Photographs: Instagram @shakira



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