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In cold weather, the car’s engine experiences increased loads and every little thing – poor fuel or lubricant supply can cause problems. Some of them are signaled by the display on the dashboard, known to us as “Check Engine”.

We are telling you now what faults this indicator can show in winter.

The “Check” usually flashes when the electronics have detected a fault in the operation of the engine or gearbox and stored the code in memory. Quite often such surprises occur in winter, especially with sudden changes in temperature. One of the causes of the problems may be “bugs” in various sensors due to the fact that moisture or condensation gets into their contacts. This is the reason for many of the failures.

Air flow sensor

Used cars often have problems with the airflow sensor. Over time, its contacts rust or rot, and the cold and moisture complete what has begun. As a result, errors occur in the operation of the power system and due to them the electronic control unit begins to use medium settings, rather than those set for cold climates. Thus, together with the “Check Engine” light bulb, fuel consumption increases. If you do not pay attention to this, there is a risk of carbon deposition on the valves and pistons, which over time will lead to serious engine problems.

Unopened tank cap

There is something else. For example, “Check” may light up due to the fact that the fuel tank cap has not been tightly closed at the service station. Let’s say, due to the fact that a piece of ice falls into the niche. The system loses its tightness and the lamp lights up.

Poor quality fuel

Let’s not forget to mention the attempts to save money. If a driver refuel at a petrol station where the price of petrol is lower than at other petrol stations, he may run into poor quality fuel. Here we note that the octane number of such “fake gasoline” is increased by artisanal methods. For example, monomethylaniline, which is no longer used in Euro 5 cars, is added. Of course, the oxygen sensor reacts immediately and the “check engine” sensor lights up.


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