Technology Seven reasons not to buy Mi Band 5 —...

Seven reasons not to buy Mi Band 5 —


18 Jun 2020

Max Lubin

The first reason – bored design

Despite a good overall design wristbands Mi Band, to see virtually the same externally
capsule three generation in a row to be fed. It seems the company takes the example
with Apple, feeding their fans even good, but monotonous design.
Maybe it’s spoiled, and maybe I’m just picky, but very
want something different externally, looking for change. But instead, we get a little
changed the groove on the sides of the capsule, slightly smaller thickness, and the

Cause echoing – battery

In the fifth generation Xiaomi has decided to increase the display
and at the same time to reduce the battery. Why was it necessary to reduce the battery capacity?
Boast energy efficiency? For the sake of reducing the thickness of the device on the floor
mm? Unless these changes are decreased the autonomy of the device? Yes,
reduced operation time from one month to 20 days, most likely will not create
no problem, because twenty days is, frankly, a lot, but still,
why? As it is now to brag on the forums
screenshots, on which the device lasted on a single charge thirty-three
day? And after all, now only a miserable twenty days period. Now even vanity
not to entertain, but the stress is rife – you need to think about how soon
will have to look for the charger.

Well worth to leave the old
thickness and to thereby save the capacity of the battery? And if Xiaomi want
make money by selling replacement straps, and not only the bracelets, and only
because of this, not given the opportunity to use the straps from the previous generation,
what did it cost to make the device is not thinner and thicker due to the increase in capacity
battery? Alas.

The third reason — compatibility

The second reason is derived and a third
– incompatibility straps. As it was cool after the release of the fourth generation
to realize that all accumulated a lot of straps for the third generation perfectly
suitable for the fourth generation. And now? That looks nothing
changed, and whether it is good to buy new straps. Where do you want
to put the accumulated through honest work of the straps from the triples? And who will return me my
sleepless nights spent shoveling Aliexpress in search of another
the strap?

But the straps are not only cheap
silicone, there are more bracelets bought for tangible money. Very unfair with
the manufacturer without changing the appearance of the device to enclose the fans
such a pig. Well the charger, it became easier and easier, and the previous not
sorry, how to use, they had once a month, but the straps…

Reason four GPS so
and not delivered

Really don’t know why, but the thematic forums can be found regrettable that in a bracelet they do not have GPS hardware. Well actually the thing with one hand useful, but on the other hand needs more to make it than really for business. However, why glaze in Amazfit Bip this the GPS is, and Mi Band no? What Amazfit, even in the bracelet Honor Band 3 is Pro, and Mi Band 5 no.

Reason five – the voice

That would seem to produce you
model new device, which should be something new, unusual, the,
what many fans of the brand waiting. And, BAM, on the market there are two versions of the same and
the same device outwardly absolutely identical, but differ in
opportunities. Moreover, we are talking about all the long-awaited opportunity of contactless
payment, no, it is about voice control. Why is this voice
management is only in a version with NFC, and why even in this case, it understands
only Chinese language? Lazy developers? Or buyers from other countries people
second-class citizens? Moreover, the company has been criticized, but the possibility is still there
apparently will be there for a long time.

The reason for sixth – display

Yes, it was more due to what
information he began to read a little easier. And Yes, he even became a little brighter
by as much as 50 NIT, but why the colors become so faded? Although, the answer
obvious – it was necessary as-that to save battery reduced battery here
decided to offload work from the price of pleasure from the perception of images on the display
and diminish the chroma of the display, apparently, already up to 4096 colors. Long live
2003… Why do Amoled display with such a clipped hue? You
shades mind? And if the new users who bought a bracelet from Xiaomi will not understand
what is the loss, but the owners of the previous generation with its juicy bright
flowers will notice the difference immediately and are not happy.

The reason for seventh – contactless payment.

Cheers, done what many
many owners of previous generations bracelet was waiting for what he wanted and what
requested – now with the help of the bracelet you can pay for purchases in stores. And
it would seem that here it is happiness, carnival and jubilation. But is it?

If you try to understand
the issue in details, then all will be not so rosy and fun as we would like.
Judge for yourself to take advantage of the welcome function will need
to activate the bracelet, found in the menu section the payment, go to him, to find in advance
listed in Annex Mi Fit a Bank card, activate it, and only after
to pay for your purchase.

Hey, Xiaomi, and where the dance with tambourines,
the ritual invocation of rain, the burning of effigies at last? Why so simple and easy?
Just need to run through the menu and make a dozen swipes and clicks…
Why don’t you just get the phone and not pay for the phone? But what
the phone, after a couple of manipulations with the bracelet payment the card will seem
not so long and complicated process. It turns out, the opportunity was given, but
to make it convenient and simple forgot. Again, it looks like will have to open the capsule and
put a chip extracted from a Bank card. Xiaomi, I didn’t mean to, but you don’t
leaving me no choice.


Despite all these nuances, a buyer will find the device, and most likely will again be the sales leader in its segment since the bracelet is decent, and as a successor of the traditions seems logical, however is it for those Who haven’t had the experience of owning previous generations of the device. But for owners Mi Band 4 purchase and would not such an obvious and necessary. Except if you definitely need a pulse oximeter. Looks more than justified the purchase of a special Band version of Mi 4 with NFC, which has all the advantages and just added contactless payment.



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