News Sète : the development of the quai General Durand...

Sète : the development of the quai General Durand raises hope among the restaurateurs


The quai General Durand has received a facelift. Since 11 June, it is set up to allow restaurants to extend their patios onto the sidewalk. Balance sheet after a few days of implementation.

Last June 2 was announced for the reopening of restaurants. A measure which has led to a pandemonium quai General Durand, where the sidewalks are now serving as terraces for restaurant owners.

After a few days of implementation, the occupants enjoy it, despite the casting of the cars.

“It is a pity, these cars in front of restaurants, it stinks”

Corinne Bollard is savoyard and visit Sète since its thirteen years. Dressed in the equipment of any good tourist, she walks with a friend on the dock.

“This is awful,” she laments. “It is a pity, these cars in front of restaurants, it stinks. It is beautiful here, we could put some corners in the pedestrian area.”

It compares the situation in his city : “We know the difficulties of circulation because of Annecy, between the lake and the mountains, it is also very complicated. But the city has piétonnisé the whole center.”

During the discussion, the sounds of cars do not stop. “Since I come here, the city has not changed. Yet, many cities are transformed in fifty years.” She imagines Sète during these last two months : “It had to be good during the confinement.”

“It is not terrible to eat in front of a road”

Restaurateurs, for their part, are delighted with this new development. Séverin your is responsible for the glacier Amorino : “We would like it to remain like that. We would also prefer that there be no more car.” he argues.

Ditto for Alain Debourdieu, owner of the Bistrot du port : “It is true that we would prefer that this dock is not temporary and that it leaves more room for pedestrians. This would be more enjoyable for everyone.” He recognizes that the cars disturb this special moment that is the breakfast of the tourist : “it is not terrible to eat in front of a road.” Eric Pierre, a chef at The Little Bather in a dream. “It would make a small Riviera local and it would be good for the city in terms of image.” he said.

Planning to sustain ?

The big job of building the pier was to move the lighting system in order to pass the bus on the wharf. In general, the cars drive well, according to Damien Gertsch, director general of Sete.

Pedestrians and cyclists are quickly accustomed. “No one has been confused because it is well marked with multiple tags.” he says. Only problem : the anti-social behaviour, “people who park and block the traffic.” he says. For the rest, he says, “we’ll have to see with elected officials. It has always been an important change to make and now we can see what it could give.”


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