Service dogs ate poisoned sausages and were rescued in the nick of time

Service dogs Ilax and Cilla ate the poisoned sausages on Friday morning, which appear in Tilburg and which the police warn against. Jan van Raak immediately took the labradors to the vet and that was a good thing: “The fact that we immediately made them vomit there saved them.”

Jan let his husband Eric’s service dogs, who is visually impaired, out on Friday morning in the park next to the Von Weberpad. Fortunately, he immediately noticed that they were eating a number of sausages that were lying there. “The story of the poisoned sausages was already going around here,” he explains.

But it all happened so fast that he couldn’t stop Ilax, Eric’s current service dog, and Cilla, who is now retired, from eating the sausages.

The police reported earlier Friday that four dogs have died in Tilburg-North as a result of poisoning since the end of December.

If his husband had been out with the dogs, then according to Jan, things would probably have gone very differently with their dogs. After all, he hadn’t seen what happened. “Maybe we wouldn’t have made it to the vet in time,” he explains.

Jan says he found at least forty sausages in the park on Friday morning. A find that he also reported to the police.

Jan now mainly wants to warn other dog owners in Tilburg-North. He urges everyone to be very careful when you walk your dog. “Notify the police immediately if you find a sausage or if you see someone put down a sausage,” he also says.

Friday at the end of the afternoon Ilax and Cilla are doing well again. “We now have to build it up slowly with food, but otherwise they have done well.” His husband is shocked, but also especially happy that it was Jan who walked the dogs on Friday.

“Whoever does this has no idea what kind of suffering he is causing”, Jan sighs. If things ended differently with Ilax and Cilla on Friday, his husband would have lost his independence again, he knows. Not to mention the grief inflicted on the other dog owners.

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