SERIES NEW: M * A * S * H ​​in Czech with stellar cast

He wanted to try to live modestly, so in 2018 he took off the coat of Dr. David Hofbauer from the Blue Code. “I didn’t have time for anything else, I learned a quantum of text every week and over time the character of David began to bend under the weight of the scripts, I didn’t want that,” he said. German, which collected 10,000 crowns in one shooting day in Rubava. Over time, he apparently lacked money, so he returned to the role last September, albeit in the series Sisters. But this year, before the holidays, it ended with the explosion of the Rubava hospital.

But the actor will not be left without a steady income … Creative producer Ivan Vodochodský (58) has now confirmed that Marek will also play in a brand new primary series from a military field hospital. In Czech, M * A * S * H ​​follows the training of 12 young doctors intended for deployment in a prestigious international team. “They will lead their group Pavel Reznicek, Marek Němec, loved by our spectators and Jan Dolanský, whose partner he will play Kristýna Leichtová, which we addressed deliberately for this role, because we already know from Fire Chicken how well the chemistry works between them, “Vodochodský revealed part of the cast. The series 1. MISSION will be presented by Prima TV in prime time this autumn.

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Starring Dolanský

Jan Dolanský (43) also jumped from one big project to another. In order to play in the novelty, he recently had to die in Slunečná. “I play Colonel Hofman, a physician tasked with training attendees for a military mission. Our task is to choose the best from the adepts. They will be subjected to physical and psychological tests. I enjoy it, I’m wearing a uniform, for the first time in my life. And thanks to the series, I had the opportunity to shoot myself, it was definitely interesting, but I don’t think I would like to take part in the training myself, “says Jan Dolanský.

Leicht’s great return

The filming of the series 1. MISSION is for Kristýna Leichtová (35) the first constant project after the birth of the daughters Dorotka (3) and Rozárka (1). “My character’s name is Alice Hofman. I was approached for this role by filming with Honza Dolanský and Marek Němec. I gladly accepted, it’s a guarantee for me that I will play, “says the actress.

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A dozen dozen stories

Twelve personalities, twelve stories, but one goal: to be one of the four most successful, to earn a place in an elite unit and to become part of a courageous mission, at the end of which there will be countless lives saved. Only the best, weakest training will survive, and thus they will leave the series in individual parts. “Army professionals and experienced doctors from emergency surgery in Prague’s teaching hospitals are taking part in the creation. Their professional advice and personal participation accompany most of the production process of the series … “reveals Lenka Hornová (55), director of Prima television content.


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