Sport Serie A returns to business from June 20!

Serie A returns to business from June 20!


Football fans held their breath in Italy this Thursday. At 6.30 p.m., the Italian Minister of Sports Vincenzo Spadafora, the president of the Italian Football Federation Gabriele Gravina as well as all the representatives of the leagues, players, coaches and referees, participated in a videoconference to confirm the fate of Serie A. The May 19, the transalpine government and the scientific committee gave their approval for a resumption of collective training.

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A decisive step for football after a break of several weeks following the coronavirus pandemic. The only thing missing now was the final stage: formalizing the resumption of Serie A. Before this summit meeting, the country’s scientific committee had already validated the protocol to be applied during the matches. Football lovers therefore hoped that the situation would settle down tonight with the key to a return to competition.

Serie A to resume on June 20

But a given could cause a final pitfall for a resumption of the Italian championship. Indeed, certain regions such as Lombardy and Piedmont, hard hit by the Covid-19, remain under surveillance. This could have a concrete impact on the future calendar. After a forty-five minute interview between the various protagonists, Vincenzo Spadafora communicated the latter’s verdict to the head of government Giuseppe Conte.

A few minutes later, the Italian Minister of Sports formalized the long-awaited decision. Serie A will take over its rights on June 20. “The CTS gave the green light to the protocol but by keeping the quarantine. The FIGC assured me of plan B (playoff and playout) and plan C (crystallization of the classification), in the event of a new suspension. The championship resumes on June 20 “, confirmed Spadafora. After an unbearable suspense, hostilities will resume well with a final that promises to be breathless!


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