Sergio Rondina anticipated when he will stop being Arsenal manager

Arsenal’s technical director, Sergio Rondina, anticipated today that “it will be four years” that he is at the club and that, therefore, “he needs a break” when his contract “ends in December” next.

“I end my contract in December and we understand that it will be four years at the club. One never says never, but we believe that we need a break from both sides,” said the coach, speaking to the program ‘Puro Fútbol’ (FM Late 93.1 ).

Even the DT revealed that last June he was about to leave, when the Quito University League offered him the position to replace the Uruguayan Pablo Repetto.

“After having returned to training with Arsenal, we received a good offer from the League (Deportiva Universitaria), but we understood that it was too late because we were 20 days from the start of the tournament to leave the team,” he said.

“We looked very bad after the game for the South American Cup because of the key we lost (2-3 with Sporting Cristal from Peru). We don’t know how we didn’t pass. The frustration is very great, but we have a quick revenge. We have to focus on the tournament local “, acknowledged on the elimination of last Wednesday in the continental tournament.

Arsenal will resume the local competition this Monday, at 6:00 p.m., before Talleres de Córdoba, as a visitor, for the second date of the LPF contest.

“Talleres is a very intense and dynamic team, which is always at the top fighting something. We will not have it easy, but we can complicate life. We always seek to be competitive,” said Rondina, who announced that the training would be similar to what drew 1-1 with the Peruvian team for the South American Cup.

Then, the probable alignment would include Alejandro Medina; Gastón Benavidez, Mateo Carabajal, Gastón Suso and Emiliano Papa; Valentín Larralde, Juan Andrada, Leonel Picco and Nicolás Castro; Bruno Sepúlveda and Lucas Albertengo.


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