Sergio Mitre, a former professional baseball player, was sentenced to 50 years in prison for femicide

The former baseball player alleged that the minor fell down the stairs (Photo: Coahuila Criminal Investigation Agency)

Former professional baseball player, Sergio Miter received a sentence of 50 years in prison for the femicide of a minor, whom he hit and caused injuries that ended his life in 2020.

The oral trial against Miter began the past January ten, more than a year after his arrest, a period of time in which the Coahuila State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) collected evidence of the crime committed, to finally find him guilty last Wednesday, January 19.

In addition, the former player must offer an apology to the victim’s family and pay one million 359 thousand 500 pesos for damage repair; The preliminary sentence was estimated between 40 and 60 years in prison.

Miter, of 41 years and originally from Los Angeles California, will remain in the Saltillo Prison, where he has been held since his arrest in July 2020, the month in which he would have carried out the attack against the minor.

The former player of 1.9 meters tall and 109 kilos of weight, hit the two-year-old daughter of his former partner, with whom he had had an argument that unleashed his anger; The minor was transferred to the Saltillo Children’s Hospital with vomiting and fainting, where he died hours after admission.

Sergio Miter played for various MLB and LMB teams (REUTERS / Mike Cassese)
Sergio Miter played for various MLB and LMB teams (REUTERS / Mike Cassese)

Due to the state in which the minor was, the staff of the medical center contacted the state authorities, to whom they reported the deplorable state of health in which the relatives of the minor presented her.

After being notified of this, the FGE started an investigation folder against the victim’s family, for which they arrested the Miter and Liliana, the mother of the minor, who was acquitted of the charges against her in July 2021, after the investigations and testimonies compiled by the state judicial authorities.

The former baseball player’s defense argued that the minor had suffered a fall from the stairs from his home, a statement that the aggressor maintained since his first statements with the Public Ministry after his arrest.

For its part, the victim’s family alleged that Miter gave him a strong blow to the minor in the lower back, which caused an injury to an artery, causing a hypovolemic shock (sudden loss of fluids in the body) that ended the life of the infant.

Sergio Miter was fired by his team after the violent acts he carried out were made known (Photo: Saraperos de Saltillo)
Sergio Miter was fired by his team after the violent acts he carried out were made known (Photo: Saraperos de Saltillo)

Sergio Miter assured on different occasions that the crimes against you they had been manufactured, because in addition to the accusations of femicide, he denied having had possession of the marijuana that was found at the time of the search of his home.

According to testimonies provided by the minor’s mother to local media, the victim’s relatives came to fear that the case will go unpunished due to the power that the former baseball player could have, who has a long career in important teams in the United States and Mexico, such as the New York Yankees and the Saltillo Saraperos.

Likewise, Liliana denounced that she suffered torture by Mitre, because being pregnant, the former baseball player He beat her in order to cause an abortion, behaviors that were part of a network of violence that the athlete constantly exercised against her and her daughter.


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