Serbezova for possible new measures: If the incidence increases, we are obliged to save lives

Asena Serbezova STAFF: BNT

Entering the Council of Ministers with a green certificate is an application for a national plan so that Bulgarian citizens have an administration in which everyone is confident that all measures have been taken to limit the spread of COVID-19. This was said by the new Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova in the program “Since the day”.

She reminded that the green certificate gives three options: vaccination, tests and a certificate of illness.

“If anyone has doubts about vaccines, the other two options remain,” said Prof. Serbezova, recalling that “there is no greater value than life.”

“In the conditions of a pandemic, we must be aware of the perspective of public health. The decision is individual, but the consequences are for everyone. We have the lowest vaccination level in the European Union,” said Prof. Serbezova.

She gave the example of Portugal, where the vaccination rate is 90%.

“Their strategy clearly states that vaccines are talked about by fact-based specialists, not politicians,” added Minister Serbezova.

Prof. Serbezova said that the requirement for a green certificate is not discrimination and does not intend to revoke the order of the former caretaker Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

“In terms of understanding the pandemic and successfully dealing with it, we are like in the second or third grade, while others are writing a dissertation,” said Prof. Serbezova.

“In other countries, more measures are being introduced against Omicron because the virus has 40 mutations. What science says is that although vaccines have not been developed against these mutations, they will provide a high rate of efficacy,” the health minister said.

“We are in a situation of reducing morbidity and it is not logical to tighten measures, but the moment we see an increase in morbidity and mortality, we are obliged to save lives,” said Serbezova.

She added that she would keep voluntary vaccination as long as possible.

“We are considering the formation of a council of science, a council for the preservation of life. We will use science to convince people. The communication campaign will be reformulated. Vaccines are not experimental products and have a permit for use,” said Minister Serbezova.

Prof. Serbezova commented on the order of the former caretaker Minister Katsarov to merge the Pediatrics and Lozenets Hospital and whether there are private interests in the construction of a children’s hospital:

“This problem with the construction of the children’s hospital has not been solved for more than 15 years. It has a long history. There are many interesting facts. The moment you form a comprehensive opinion, everything you ask will be clarified. These are important issues. “I have to answer all these questions, but whether there is or not, it is in the realm of the hypothesis, I would not dare to tell you anything but facts,” said Serbezova.


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