Seine-Saint-Denis: where to put your Christmas tree?

Don’t throw away your tree, recycle it using the collection points. (©

The Christmas festivities are over and well beyond December 25, there is often an unpleasant vestige left in the streets: Christmas trees.

As every year, Seine-Saint-Denis organizes collection points to recover the famous conifers.

Common Plain

The Plaine Commune establishment, which includes several towns in Seine-Saint-Denis, offers 80 collection points. Thus, the cities ofAubervilliers, Épinay-sur-Seine, la Courneuve, Ile-Saint-Denis, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, Stains and Villetaneuse can place their fir trees in these places, from December 24 to January 31, 2022.

Is Together

The municipalities of Est-Ensemble also benefit from a tree recovery service.

The inhabitants of Clichy-sous-Bois, Coubron, Gagny, Raincy, Pavillons-sous-Bois, Livry-Gargan, Neuilly-Plaisance, Rosny-sous-Bois, Noisy-le-Grand, Neuilly-sur-Marne, Vaujours and Villemomble will be able to deposit their tree in its usual garbage cans.

Attention, the latter should be thrown “without bag, without decoration, without artificial snow. » The collection dates for the Christmas trees, spread over the month of January 2022, are ici.

Paris Terres D’Envol

The cities ofAulnay-sous-Bois, Drancy, Dugny, Blanc-Mesnil, Bourget, Sevran, Tremblay-en-France and Villepinte entrusted their collection to the Paris Terre d’Envol ensemble. Times and drop-off points can be found in line.

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To Gournay-sur-Marne, it will be possible to drop off your tree from January 3 to 14, 2022, in the town hall park or in the parking lot on the banks of the Marne. The dumping remains possible, while “fir trees measuring less than 1.5 m and whose trunk does not exceed a diameter of approximately 10 cm (at its base), can be presented with household waste, provided that they are packaged in suitable bags”, details the town hall.


To dispose of your Christmas tree Montreuilit will have to be placed in one of the thirty city centers, from December 24, 2021 to January 23, 2022. The deposit must be made without decoration, flocking, painting and roots. Tree and plastic bags will not be accepted.

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