SEA Games Men’s Volleyball Results 2021: Beat Host Vietnam 3-1, Indonesia Tops Group A : Okezone Sports

QUANG NINH – The Indonesian Men’s Volleyball National Team won 3-1 over host Vietnam in Group A SEA Games 2021. The match took place at Quang Ninh Sports Center, Quang Ninh, Sunday (15/5/2022), afternoon WIB.

Had lost 21-25 in the first set, Indonesia rose in the next three sets. The Red-White Army won 25-15, 25-21, and 25-14 over the hosts. Indonesia also topped Group A after collecting two wins.

The course of the match

Vietnam took the lead quickly in the early minutes. However, Indonesia continued to keep its distance until the scoreboard showed a 3-6 position.

Indonesia several times took advantage of the mistakes of the Vietnamese players. Indonesia also continued to keep its distance until the score showed the position 9-12.

However, Vietnam’s defense appeared solid so that it was difficult for Daffa Naufal and colleagues to catch up. Vietnam was able to move away to lead 12-16.

At the end of the first set, Indonesia had reduced the position to 18-22. However, Vu Ngoc Hoang finally closed the first set with a score of 21-25.

Not discouraged, Indonesia was able to appear dominant over Vietnam in the second set. The Red-White Team was ahead with a score of 13-10. Vietnam is increasingly struggling to overcome the quick smash that continues to be launched by Indonesian players.

As a result, Indonesia was able to excel far with a score of 19-13. Indonesia’s 25-15 advantage over Vietnam then closed the second set.

The match became increasingly fierce in the third set, both teams chasing each other for points. Indonesia then started winning when the scoreboard showed the position 15-13.

Vietnam gave such fierce resistance. Indonesia continues to focus and does not make unnecessary mistakes. Indonesia finally won with a score of 25-21 in the third set.

In the fourth set, the match was fierce in the early minutes. The two teams are chasing each other. However, the stamina of the Vietnamese players seems to have started to drain. As a result, Indonesia was able to return to the far superior, 15-7.

Vietnam continues to be distraught in the face of attacks led by Nizar Julfikar and Rivan Nurmulki. Indonesia appeared trengginas to a far superior, 20-9. In the end, Indonesia won with a score of 25-14.

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