Screening for Covid 19: just-in-time test centers in Draguignan

“We are completely under water”

A major player in the sampling and analysis of PCR tests in Dracénie, Bioesterel laboratories are overstretched by the wave of the Omicron variant.

“We are completely underwater and we will be in this situation for a long time”, believes Jean-Olivier Cammilleri, doctor responsible for screening in the laboratory.

When the laboratory carried out around 1,800 weekly PCR tests in August 2021, it now takes more than triple.

“From Monday January 10 to Saturday January 16, we took 6,212 samples”, account the biologist.

“Of the 6,187 usable, 1,817 were positive, or about 29.4%.”

Tests which were carried out in the group’s three Dracénois laboratories, in the indoor tennis hall, in Lorgues, Salerno, Les Arcs and Le Muy.

“The positivity rate is “stable” from one week to the next”, explains the health professional.

Omicron accounts for 90.7% of cases

“Omicron continues its progression. We can say it today: it finishes replacing the Delta variant.”

From January 3 to 8, Omicron accounted for just over 70% of positive tests.

“Last week, Omicron accounted for 90.7%.”

With teams completely overloaded and also affected by the disease, Jean-Olivier Cammilleri would like to remind you of some good behavior to adopt.

“Which would relieve us enormously”, he assures.

“If you have done an antigen test and it is positive, there is no need to do a PCR test to confirm it,” he begins.

“If you’ve done a PCR test and it’s positive, there’s no point in getting tested again within seven days.”

Finally, Jean-Olivier Cammilleri insists on the need to make an appointment, including at Cosec on the website : “This allows us to take care of you more easily.”

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