World Scottish police react to "serious incident" at Glasgow hotel....

Scottish police react to “serious incident” at Glasgow hotel. There are several injured, victims of stabbing


Scottish police responded early Friday afternoon to a serious incident in the city of Glasgow and officials say it is stabbing several people, at least six have been hospitalized. Both the Guardian and the Telegraph and the BBC also claims to have confirmed to the police that three people died following the injuries. Shortly after the attack, some articles began to circulate on the internet pointing to terrorist motives, but the Scottish Justice Minister warned on Twitter to avoid “speculation about the details of the incident”. Around 5 pm local time (the same time in mainland Portugal) the police said there was no reason to suspect a terrorist attack and that this line of investigation is not the focus of the authorities.

Several photographs and videos posted on social media at the beginning of the incident show the center of Glasgow completely closed, with multiple medical assistance vehicles, as well as the intervention police, present in the area near the Park Hotel, in the city center. The Park Inn Hotel, writes the “Guardian”, was being used to accommodate asylum seekers during the covid-19 crisis.

The city’s emergency services wrote on Twitter that they were responding to a “serious incident” on George Street and warned that the street is closed to traffic. There is, according to the authorities, no danger to the general public but the advice is for people not to go to the area. The counterterrorism brigade was called to the scene, the newspaper “The Guardian” also advances.

Craig Milroy, who was on the street when it all happened, told the Associated Press that he saw one of the injured in serious condition. “He was a man of African descent, and someone was trying to help him by putting pressure on one side of his body. I don’t know what kind of injury it was.”

Several witnesses who were passing on the street at the time, whose statements were collected by the media, speak of several people coming down the stairs of the hotel with their hands raised, and also at least three with blood stains on their clothes to be assisted by the services on site.

The suspect was shot down by the police, according to information confirmed by the BBC and at least one of the injured is a member of the police, according to a spokesman for the security forces.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Interior Minister Priti Patel have already regretted the attack on their Twitter accounts, thanking the emergency services and sending messages to the victims’ families.


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