Scientists Have Found The Missing Part Of The Universe’s Matter


A new study has found that the hard-to-find part of the particle is most likely scattered in the far boundary of the halo galaxy. This colorized image shows the halo of the Andromeda galaxy.—Galaxies can receive and exchange matter with their outer environment thanks to galactic wind created by exploding stars. An international research team has now mapped galactic wind this is for the first time. This unique observation helps to uncover where some of the universe’s lost matter is and to observe its formation nebula around the galaxy.

Galaxies can be likened to islands of stars in the universe. It has ordinary or baryonic matter, which consists of elements on the periodic table, as well as dark matter, whose composition is still unknown.

However, one of the important problems scientists face when trying to understand the process of galaxy formation is that about 80 percent of the baryons that make up the ordinary matter of the universe are not found, or indeed do not exist. Many galaxy models show that these baryons have been ejected from within the galaxy into intergalactic space by galactic wind created by the explosion of a star.


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