Scientists Discover New Human Body Parts!


Researchers have recently discovered a body part that has never been described before. They managed to find new body parts that had never been known before.

This part of the body is the deep layer of muscle at the back of the cheek or masseter muscle. This layer of muscle serves to lift the lower jaw and is essential for chewing.

In modern anatomy textbooks, the masseter muscle is described as having two layers, an inner and a superficial layer. Some previous experts, had suspected that this muscle has one more layer on the inside, but they were not able to reveal it.

The research team from the University of Basel, Switzerland tried to find out more about the existence of this layer. Researchers then dissected 12 heads of bodies that have been preserved. They also took CT scans of recently deceased corpses.

Through this examination, the researchers were able to identify the third layer of the masseter muscle. This muscle layer is very deep and forms the cheekbones and can be felt in front of the ear.

“This interior of the masseter muscle is clearly distinguishable from the other two layers in terms of its pathway and function,” first author Szilvia Mezey, a senior lecturer in the Department of Biomedical at the University of Basel in Switzerland, said in a statement.

This third layer is different from the other two layers both in terms of path and function. This muscle layer helps to stabilize the lower jaw.

Szilvia researchers say this layer is the only part of the masseter that can pull the jawbone back

The research team also proposed that this newly discovered muscle layer be named Musculus masseter pars coronoidea, which means the coronoid part of the masseter.

This discovery is considered important for the medical and health world. This muscle layer can help doctors to perform better surgical procedures in the jaw area. Doctors can also better treat conditions involving the joints that connect the jawbone to the skull.

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