Sport Schubert: Feiler, when problems with his wife.. will be...

Schubert: Feiler, when problems with his wife.. will be another month


Confirmed media A. Schubert that Renee Vail artistic director of the club, Al-Ahly will be held at the end of the month of June, in order to complete his obligations with the red team, in accordance with the contract, which runs until the end of the season between the two sides.

Schubert said in his program stated over the radio en sport: Feiler, will be held another month, but I have a problem with his wife because she want to check on the health situation first, before making the decision final, with Ahly.

Added Chopra: Feiler, Joanne, want to complement with Ahly and his staff are working with the team decision without any problem, and still the Swiss is currently analysing the situation with his family and his wife, is to have his contract will be with the team, but what after that would kill him.

Earlier, he assured the media A. Schubert, to Amr El ganayen chairman of the committee of five Union ball did not discuss the idea of abolishing the league championship and the culmination of the national championship in his meetings with Clubs International, said Schubert in his program broadcast across the en sport, “happens to DA funnily, the gardener did not discuss the idea of abolishing the international culmination of the national championship paint decision of the state qua breathes, everything that is said other than that the links were unfounded and figment of imagination of the owners.

Added Chopra,”with power to the committee of five do not respond to the pressure, the declaration table of the state, even if three weeks is the final say and it will calculate all the things, I don’t hear the howling screaming, listen to the voice of reason only, and they went back life of spherical nature, like all periodicals of the world.”

He continued Schubert, “what do we do if we decided to cancel the current international and we decided to start a new league in September, with the first week, injured one of the players in Korea and the cancellation of the competition, what do we do after the cancel, Doreen?”.

Added Guard National Coast, “in the Egyptian ball, we lack the simplest elements of success evidenced by the absence of a professional league and the association that runs this league, the weakest leagues have this system, we are in deep slumber”.



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