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Schlager: Kelly Family with a gag contract – finally Angelo Kelly tells everything


The Kelly Family made its breakthrough 25 years ago. Now the hit stars go on tour again. Angelo Kelly now speaks clearly about a gag contract.

  • With “Over the Hump”, the Kelly Family had a breakthrough 25 years ago
  • Since then, the Irish have become an integral part of the hit world
  • Before her next tour, Angelo Kelly (38) talks about a gag contract

Ireland – The Kelly Family is one of the most successful bands (The most successful German pop singer of all time*) in Germany. The Irish folk and pop musician (The stage names of the pop stars and their real names*) occur in the largest halls and stadiums in the Federal Republic. 25 years ago, the Kelly Family with “Over The Hump” the breakthrough. Just in time for the anniversary, the current line-up of the family of musicians is going on tour again. And the Irish are otherwise Pop and folk musicians in the big hit shows in Germany (These are the biggest hit shows on German television*) to see.

On its tour, the Kelly Family around Angelo Kelly the complete album “Over The Hump”, then the seven remaining members play their greatest hits from the genres folk, pop and pop. Shortly before the start of the tour packs now Angelo Kelly on a gag contract, how extratipp.com * reported.

This Pop singers have died tragically – fell to their deaths and died in traffic accidents *.

Schlager: 25 years of “The Kelly Family”

The Folk and pop family Kelly Family exists since 1974. At the beginning the siblings appeared as “Kelly Kids”, from 1978 the family then traveled as “The Kelly Family” through the USA and Europe. With “Who’ll come with me” the clan climbed to number 1 on the Belgian and Dutch charts in 1980. The final breakthrough was to wait until 1994. With their album “Over The Hump” the Kelly Family became stars. The sound carrier sold over 2.5 million copies in Germany alone and was awarded gold nine times. The hit “An Angel” composed by Michael Patrick Kelly (42) stayed in the German charts for over a year.

For some years now Folk and pop musician family no longer in the original cast. Some family members like Maite Kelly (40) or Michael Patrick Kelly pursue their own projects and take care of their solo careers. The Kelly Family currently consists of seven musicians. Angelo Kelly, Joey Kelly (47) and their siblings are now going on a big anniversary tour.

Schlager: Angelo Kelly unpacks – “Had a gag contract”

Even before her first big album “Over The Hump” she had Kelly Family released ten albums, the members were traveling as street musicians. Shortly before the tour, Angelo Kelly speaks about the past 25 years. In an interview with nordbayern.de the pop and pop singer unpacks and reports on one adhesion contract, “It was a hard and long way. Our independence paid off in the end, ”says Angelo Kelly,

In the interview, the 38-year-old now looks back at the beginnings and first fame: “After first glory we had a gag contractwhom my father did not want to have extended, which is why we went back on the street Kelly Family wanted to be independent his. After the mother of the folk and pop musicians died, the family faced a major upheaval. “We had to rebuild everything until it finally worked in 1994,” recalls Angelo Kelly, Away with the gag contract, down with the glory.

Others too Pop stars make headlines, singer Beatrice Egli reaps nasty hate comments on Instagram*. Schlager icon Marianne Rosenberg reveals a secret from the past*.

* extratipp.com is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © picture alliance / Ingo Wagner / dpa (photomontage extratipp.com)


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