Scary Stories of Residents When a Tornado Hits Bandung


Cipamokolan area, Bandung City, West Java, yesterday was hit by the wind tornado. Local residents call the hurricane that hit like a tornado.

The tornado incident occurred on May 14 yesterday at around 14.30 WIB. As reported detikJabarone of the traders named Ai Mulyani told how the tense moments of the tornado occurred.

Initially, Ai and the residents there did not expect a tornado because the weather was sunny and not cloudy at all. Ai still remembers at that time the cloudy clouds seemed to be getting closer and the color turned darker.

The more observed, the cloud is getting closer to the Cipamokolan area. Ai, who was in his shop, heard hysterical screams from residents who said there was a tornado moving towards Ai’s and three other traders.

“When it happened, something Call me, Tea, fast out it’s the wind big like a tornado. I was also immediately pulled out by my husband, didn’t I? have time bring nothing, “said Ai.

As soon as they got out of the shop, Ai and her husband along with other residents immediately fell on the ground. He hoped that he would not be hit by the hurricane because at that time the wind was coming so strong that it hit his stall.

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