Saxon Switzerland: Snow breaks dry trees

The administration of the Saxon Switzerland National Park warns of extreme risk of tree breakage in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. According to her, many trees fell or branches broke off because of the heavy snow loads. A number of paths are currently no longer accessible because of numerous transverse spruce trunks, according to the warning published on the Internet on Saturday.

A canyon full of dead spruce trees

Several forest paths and small roads had to be closed. This also includes the northern part of the Großer Zschand – a roughly six kilometer long dry valley in which small watercourses only develop when the weather is damp and after the snow has melted. The northern part is a narrow canyon with many spruce trees growing on its steep rock walls, on ledges and in crevices. According to the park administration, however, almost all of them have died as a result of the drought of recent years. The snow loads are causing so many tree falls that safety on the supply route to the armory can no longer be guaranteed.

Conservation comes first

Not only the fallen trees, but also the dead trees that are still standing are a danger to life and limb. But they cannot be felled on the complicated rocky sites either, as the national park administration explains. The effort would be extremely large and the necessary heavy technology would destroy biotopes and endanger rare animal and plant species. This is why the Große Zschand between the Neumannmühle car park and the “Flügel E” forest path is now closed at least until the end of March – for vehicles, cyclists and hikers. Even in an emergency, the fire brigade, mountain rescue service as well as owners and visitors of the inn in the armory have to accept a diversion.

This topic in the program at MDR SACHSEN
MDR SACHSEN – The Sachsenradio | 01/31/2021 | 1:00 p.m. on the news


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