World "Saving lives is more important than data protection" -...

“Saving lives is more important than data protection” – News


The debate over the use of “big data” in the fight against the corona virus does not stop. The SPÖ is strictly against surveillance of the population. Experts see it differently.

“A crisis situation is a difficult situation for a federal government, but it must not be used to legitimize excessive encroachments on fundamental and freedoms,” Jörg Leichtfried (SPÖ), chairman of the constitutional committee, told APA. For example, concerns about the health of citizens should not override liberties. Leichtfried refers to “the authoritarian and anti-democratic turn in Hungary.”

The SPÖ politician will also start discussions with all parliamentary groups in this regard, he assured. He also sees Justice Minister Alma Zadic (Greens) as obliged to take the concerns of parliamentarians seriously. In interviews, she assured herself that there will be no “individual surveillance”.

Data protection expert Viktor Mayer-Schönberger does not currently see the matter as closely. In his opinion, the use of “big data” in the fight against the corona virus is fundamentally permissible. In the Ö1 morning journal he said: “The General Data Protection Regulation, which applies in Austria and throughout the European Union, says very clearly: health comes first, saving lives is more important than data protection.”

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