Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Permits Sexy Aurat Umbar Women, Residents: I Feel Happy – Crown Prince Saudi Arabia let the woman umbar aurat sexy, residents feel happy will be discussed in this article.

Crown Prince Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman indeed often create a lot of controversy since obtaining the right to power.

Crown Prince Saudi Arabia explained that this was done so that the country he led became more advanced and could keep up with the times.

However, in some of the changes he made, not a few felt awkward and a lot of discussions from various parties.

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In fact, there are many unlawful rules that exist in Saudi Arabia changed to be halal, especially matters concerning women.

One of the regulations that have been in the spotlight of various international parties is the policy of women in Indonesia Saudi Arabia allowed to wear sexy clothes that flaunt aurat.

Maybe in many countries, this policy is not an ordinary sight but it is different for Saudi Arabia.

Where the country has the most sacred and respected sites in the Islamic faith.


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