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Sarcelles : a teacher of high school of the Turret violently assaulted by a student


Teachers and parents of students say they have ” never seen such violence “. A student was very violently assaulted his sports teacher, Monday, at the multipurpose high school of The Turret, in Sarcelles. Unleashed, he has imparted several punches, while the teacher was trying, somehow, to control it.

For the moment, nothing suggests he was able to make shots. The scene, filmed by students remained spectators, took place in the corridors of the establishment. “It is an event of real magnitude, said the academic leadership. An administrative procedure has been engaged. “

“This kind of incident is unlikely to “

The teacher, off work due to sickness for five weeks, suffered a fracture of the hand. It should also lodge a complaint. “We all support it, provides one of his colleagues. We are extremely shocked. This kind of incident is unlikely. This is extremely serious!!! “

The teachers could schedule one hour of association ” very shortly “. They had also suspended the course just after the facts, ” waiting for a response from the principal “.

It has taken place. A precautionary measure has been taken against the student first, in the electronic die. It does not put your foot in the establishment until his disciplinary council, scheduled for 8 October. “It’s going to be fired given how he bashed “, thinks Ahmed*, classmate.

The scene has been relayed hundreds of times on social networks. Before the high school all students this Wednesday morning, have a, or several, videos on their smartphone. “It’s been the buzz this story, lance Ousmane, 17 years old. Everyone is talking about it in high school! “

The teacher had asked him to remove his cap

The origin of the altercation, the teacher asked the teenagers to… remove his cap. “And this did not please him so he hit him. It is dramatic, breath an elected parents of students. We try to shed light on what happened exactly, and whether the professor has made shots, or not. If this is the case, he must be punished. “A meeting is scheduled between the parents and the direction this Friday.

Assault or fight ? There are differences of opinion between young people and teachers. Images, thirty seconds, are subject to interpretation. With its imposing case, the teacher seems to only attempt to contain the teenager, holding her clothes at the neck.

But, to Damien*, a witness to the scene after having been excluded from his English class, “the teacher has screwed up” (sic). “At the beginning, he was trying to calm him, but the guy is crazy,” he says. And, after being hit several times, in the end he answered. “The teenager, like the dozen students in attendance – some of whom were filming – has not intervened. “We let them explain, comment on, without harm Damien. If our friend is to be transferred, the teacher must be as well. “

According to the educational community, these are the teens who have “pushed” their comrade to come to blows. “They were excited! Our colleague was not kicked. On the contrary, he has done everything to not escalate the situation, ” says a teacher. At this stage, moreover, no procedure was initiated against the professor by the academic leadership, which ” accompanies him in his steps “.

This incident tells the story of an atmosphere as ” extremely tense “, according to the words of a teacher in the institution. Since the beginning of the year, four disciplinary boards have already taken place. “Each time, to violence between students, or in death threats against us,” says a professor. This aggression doesn’t help. “” A diagnosis on the climate of the school is underway, says the academic leadership. We want to build an answer on the long term, not just cyclical. “

* The names have been changed


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