Sarah Palin spotted in restaurant after testing positive for Covid-19

Sarah Palin during a speech on July 1, 2016 – Jason Connolly / AFP

Sarah Palin in the eye of the viewfinder. The former candidate for the vice-presidency of the United States was, in fact, spotted in a restaurant in Manhattan just two days after an announcement which revealed her positive test for Covid-19.

Present in New York for a trial, Sarah Palin had already been photographed having dinner inside a restaurant last weekend, when she is not vaccinated, which is not allowed. Aged 57, and already contaminated last March, she had declared herself antivax, as explained by the Guardian, ensuring that she would not receive her doses as long as she was in this world.

Municipality criticizes Palin

The judge in charge of her trial then revealed last Monday that she was positive for Covid-19, which had the effect of postponing the start of the procedure. Following this news, CNN contacted the restaurant where the former governor previously dined. The owner of the place confirmed that Sarah Palin had therefore returned, and that she had eaten outside. He did not, however, comment on the fact that she was positive at this precise moment.

In this context, a spokesperson for Eric Adams, the mayor of the city, criticized the behavior of the former running mate of John McCain. “Ms. Palin needs to respect small business workers and follow the rules, like everyone else,” he said.

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