Sara Doorsoun is moving to Eintracht Frankfurt

EIn an inhospitable place is an apartment whose furniture has been pushed together for transport and whose interior is packed in boxes. Everything was ready for the move out of Wolfsburg and the start of the new Frankfurt chapter. Until the test result came and “shocked” her, as Sara Doorsoun says. In order not to have to unpack everything again, the 30-year-old spent her corona isolation with cutlery and cooking pots borrowed from neighbors. With a delay and pent-up anticipation, she arrived at her new job a week ago.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Sara Doorsoun is the most well-known newcomer to the women of Frankfurt Eintracht for years – with the exception of the commitment of goalkeeper Merle Frohms in summer 2020. It was almost unthinkable until recently that a seasoned German national player from the title collector VfL Wolfsburg went to the Main. A transfer (for a transfer fee that is not officially quantified) that illuminates the ambitions that Eintracht, which is still new at the top level in women’s football, is also pursuing in the short term.

And a sign of the sporting location SGE, which is obviously considered attractive by players like Sara Doorsoun. Especially since a Eintracht sextet could set off from Frankfurt on the way to the German national team in the future. “It’s a great situation for both sides,” says head coach Niko Arnautis, who is happy about an “athletic, fast, strong player”.

The oldest in the squad

The 35-time national player made it clear when she was welcomed in Frankfurt that she didn’t want to miss out on her favorite competitions in Hesse either. “Our primary goal is to make it into the Champions League. We have that firmly in mind,” says Sara Doorsoun, who is by far the most experienced SBU player in the premier class. In all probability, the Frankfurt team, who are fourth after the winter break after 25 points from twelve Bundesliga games, will need an even stronger second half of the season. With Sara Doorsoun as the new manager.

At 30, the native of Cologne is the oldest in the SBU squad. “If I had known that, I would not have signed,” says the 211-time Bundesliga player and laughs. She is aware of her exposed position in the Frankfurt squad. “I want to share my experiences, stand by the young players and not seem unapproachable. But I also expect the younger ones to help me. I can’t bear the responsibility alone according to the motto: Do ​​it, you’ve already experienced so much,” says Sara Doorsoun.

“You always get 100 percent from me”

Although the new signing can be used flexibly in defence, she will probably form a duo with Sophia Kleinherne in central defence. Two national players, one, 21 years young, grew up in Frankfurt, the other, 30 years old, decorated with two championship titles and three DFB Cup triumphs. A promising combination, especially since both players share the same personal goal. A place in the German squad for the European Championships in England this summer.

There is something unfinished about Sara Doorsoun’s career in the DFB team. She was not selected for the 2016 Olympics (winning the gold medal), but was part of the teams that suffered two disappointing quarter-final defeats at the 2017 European Championships and the 2019 World Cup. Because she was no longer the first choice at an advanced age and most recently in Wolfsburg, she strived for a sporty change of air, although she prefers to settle down.

In the well-known Wolfsburg squad, she recently only competed for short assignments. “I’m not angry with anyone in Wolfsburg. And I’ve always communicated transparently: Even if it’s only five or ten minutes, you always get 100 percent from me. But of course the situation wasn’t satisfactory for me,” says Sara Doorsoun, whose mother is from Turkey and her father from Iran.

There was a report about her in Iran during the 2019 World Cup, and since then she has not only had many followers on social media, but also a lot of encouragement from there. Players with a migration background are still rare in the national team. Sara Doorsoun says. “I’m 50 percent Turkish and 50 percent Iranian, but 100 percent German.” With her, Eintracht gains a determined, clear, balanced appeal that has experienced a lot in women’s football.

As in her Potsdam year under the former Turbine sole ruler Bernd Schröder. The Rhinelander then ended up in Wolfsburg via SGS Essen. And now in a Frankfurt hotel – until she has found an apartment with moving boxes and furniture.

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