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Santiago Vallejo (Isaval Paintings): “The people is eager to work” | Radio Valencia


Paintings Isaval it is a valencian company founded in 1968 and dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of paints that works all over the national territory and keeps hired about 300 workers.

On day 13, Isaval has resumed its activity after having been closed because of the State of Alarm by coronavirus. Until the entry into force of Phase 1, has been catering to the public by appointment.

Santiago Vallejo Left, president of Paintings Isaval
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The involvement of the pandemic to the business has brought to the company, and to Santiago Vallejo, its president, “a master’s degree accelerated business management. From one day to another, your plans will crumble and you have to act in a way multi-faceted. All departments affected unpredictably and instantaneously”.

The use of the mask it is inherent in the paint sector. Vallejo remembers that some days before the outbreak of the coronavirus in our area, as perceived “thanks to the news that they were arriving, which accelerated the sales of masks, and their scarcity began to worry about”.

The company, concerned about the health of their employees decided to stored a consignment of masks professional and distribute them among their workers for use on a personal level and family, advising them that the kept in their homes “by what could happen”. Within A few weeks it was impossible to find this EPI” says Vallejo.

With the support of the staff, began to take measures to counteract the effects of the pandemic on the company: generation of bag-of-hours, telecommuting, extra vacation voluntarily… thinking that the duration of the pandemic would happen in a few weeks.

What is certain is that during the pandemic, customers professionals, who are dedicated to painting in the works, they were able to continue workingthat enabled companies like Isaval could do it also (with the exception of two weeks of total closure, of course).

In regard to the sale of a product online, Santiago received a slight increase of sales by internet a few days before of the orders of the Ministry on the confinement. It seems to be that “the people were preparing to perform some activity at home”, such as painting or rehabilitate any room of the house.

Finally, asked about the recovery of the sector, Vallejo ensures that it is difficult to know what will happen since the hotels, restaurants and other services take advantage of this period of the year to repaint your business-and this year, with the downturn in the economic, everything is an unknown.

What she has noticed, says Vallejo, is the willingness of people to collaborate in the economic recovery. “People are eager to work”.

Let’s hope that recovery comes soon.

*An interview conducted under the Phase 0 of the Alarm State by coronavirus

Listen to the interview with James Vallejo, president of paintings Isaval:

Listening to Paintings Isaval 18-05-2020 in the Play to BE


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