SANS to the CEC: 427 are the additional voting machines

Voting machines in one of the warehouses. However, these are the legal ones that the CEC knows about.

427 are the additional voting machines, which were imported in our country without being the subject of an order from the Central Election Commission. This became clear from a letter from SANS to the CEC, which was reported at the commission meeting today.

A letter from the Ministry of Interior regarding the inspection of the 150 additional machines was also reported at the meeting.

It is clear from it that there are 199 machines in the warehouse of “Ciela Norma” in the Higher School of Transport in the capital. 150 of them arrived in Bulgaria by air and were released from customs on November 8. Another 36 machines were also delivered to Bulgaria by air and were cleared by customs on November 4. The remaining 13 cars were imported into the country before the previous parliamentary elections on July 11th. All devices were released from customs warehouse after payment of the relevant duties due to lack of grounds for their detention. Currently, the warehouse where the 199 machines are located is locked and sealed. The head of Ciela Norma, Veselin Todorov, was handed a police order to keep the warehouse sealed and not to allow the use of these machines without an explicit sanction from the CEC. In the same way, entry into the warehouse is prohibited, unless authorized by the CEC, it is clear from the letter of the Ministry of Interior.

According to Erhan Chaushev, however, these data do not answer the question of who owns these machines.

The letter of the Ministry of Interior does not mention whose property they are, and in that of SANS it is written that “Ciela Norma” has announced that it has 427 additional voting machines, explained Emil Voinov.

At the suggestion of Krassimir Tsipov, the CEC decided to request information on all available documents on the subject from the Customs Agency.

In addition, the CEC sent a response to the prosecutor’s office on 5 questions regarding the additional voting machines. In it, the commission once again stated that it did not require additional delivery of machines beyond the agreed ones.


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