Sanremo 2021, the live broadcast of the first evening: Noemi aims for the podium – PHOTOS and VIDEO

Ready go. The early evening starts shortly before 9pm. There is applause (they are recorded. “I am heartened to know that they are yours from home”), the public is not. It is strange to see the Ariston so empty. Amadeus descends the stairs with emotion in his eyes, crosses himself and reads the final part of a letter he has sent to a newspaper. “Sanremo I did it with all of myself and the help of many people, with more strength and determination than last year. Respecting every rule, thinking of those who live on music, television and entertainment. Thinking of the real country that is struggling to find itself. We discovered that normality is an extraordinary thing, just to have a bit of that normality we worked in an extraordinary way. Today Sanremo starts again with singers and songs, with the orchestra, with journalists, with everyone ”.


23.10 – Max Gazzè dressed as Leonardo Da Vinci. With him, there is the Trifluoperazina Monstery Band, or the hardbacks of historical figures such as Jimi Hendrix, Marylin Monsore, Queen Elizabeth. A performance in Elio style and tense stories: it works, and it amazes. From Amadeus comes the appeal for the release of Patrick Zaki, the activist in prison in Egypt: a sacred and right moment! But the race continues with Noemi (who took over last minute from Irama): with “Glicine” hits with one scream performance. Aim for the podium.

22.55 – Loredana Bertè arrives, and here is the first karaoke moment of the evening. The Winter Sea, I am not a lady, You are Beautiful: a medley worth singing, greeted by a standing ovation (that of 1994, through an archive video). Next to her, on the stage, there is a pair of red shoes as a symbol of the fight against femininity. Amadeus calls it a “silent massacre”. Loredana: “At the first slap you have to report”. Loredana greets the public with her new single: “Daughter of“. A song at the Elettra Lamborghini, sung in lip-sync.

22.40 – The competition continues with “the most beautiful couple in pop”, so they are presented. The couple is the one made up of Fedez and Francesca Michielin, joined by a white ribbon: the refrain remains in the lead. At the end of the performance they hug, and he is almost moved.

22.30 – Also Aiello brings emotion (and some jarring). Amadeus continues with the necessary references to the pandemic: “Since last year you must never forget it, we can never help but forget about the mask. I’m lucky because people like me don’t wear it all day, luckily when I work in a television studio I’m lucky enough to be able to take it off. Someone had to wear this mask for 12 or 15 hours a day ”. The reference is to the hospital sector, in fact here Alessia Bonari, the nurse-symbol of the fight against Covid. A photo of him with his face marked by the mask went around the world. “We must not let our guard down, together we will surely succeed”, his words. Amadeus reveals that he has spoken with Minister Speranza, who has asked to send an important message from the Sanremo stage: to get out of it, we must give each other a hand.

22.10 – The second in the race are Colapesce e Dimartino. A song with eighties sound, which everyone considers to be a potential winner of this edition: will it be able to enter the hearts of viewers? On stage with them there is also a skater. But here is Ibra, of whom so much has been said. “An honor to be here, but it’s also an honor for you to have me. Normally I feel big, powerful, but here I feel small… but yesalways bigger and more powerful than you, Amadeus“, His first words. Jokes with Ama about his role and that he is the one who sets the rules.

22.00 -Ready go. When there are a few minutes to 22, the race (finally!) Begins. Arisa is the first. Very excited, her eyes sparkle with emotion. The song is written by Gigi D’Alessio: she starts uncertain, then explodes and makes her vocal power felt. After her, here is the prima donna of this evening: the actress Matilda (and not Matilde) By Angelis, fresh from the international success of “The Undoing“:” Good evening armchairs, good evening pajamas audience at home. It was enough for me to throw Naomi Campell down the stairs and here I am ”. Beautiful, spontaneous, good: we like her.

21.40 – The Festival comes alive with a variety moment. Fiore, Ama and the dancers covered with feathers: the two sing a new song, a sort of theme song. They also make fun of the cruise ship: “They also took away the cruise ship, but you feel the atmosphere. A dream come true, welcome back Festival ”. “We are the new Brian and Garrison”, the words of Fiorello. Jokes about Draghi, still jokes about the armchairs. We also laugh with an anecdote told by the comedian about how he was called by Amadeus to remake the Festival this year: “It was August 20, I was about to enter the water. He tells me that Paolo Fox called him …“. But it’s up to Diodato, the first guest of the evening. Amadeus: “That with him is the last happy image of a country that would have entered lockdown in a few days. We want to take that joy back ”. Sing “Make Noise”, The song he won with last year and he’s so excited that it’s a little out of place.

21.25 – The last to perform is Folcast. Before the arrival of the envelope, Fiore jokes about the sexuality of Achille Lauro: “You heard he said that is he sexually everything? I am half. Later we will ask him… ”. The envelope with the result comes with the usual trolley, which will give life to many gags. Folcast and Gaudiano pass the turn.

21.10 – Start the race with the New Proposals. Gaudiano it is the first. Elena Faggi the second. Its conductor is maestro Beppe Vessicchio, a regular presence of the Festival. With her, Fiorello sets up a gag for the delivery of Sanremo flowers. He loves: “I can’t touch them, the 75 pages of the protocol say so”. The showman delivers them with a trolley: “Nobody touched them, you don’t even know how they got here”. Avincola, the third New Proposal, arrives on stage with a balloon.

21.03 – But the Festival, says Amadeus, cannot begin without Fiorello. “My friend, our friend “. She goes down the stairs in a dress made of flowers (“it’s Achille Lauro’s bathrobe”), lipstick, trapstar glasses and black nail polish (“This is a dark brown Morgan, he was left in the dressing room”). Sing Thank you for the flowers in a rock version, other than Nilla Pizza. “We wanted to do something strong, I did it just for you Ama“. Gag di Fiore on the empty armchairs: “These armchairs will give me so much satisfaction, it is the first time that you see the Festival. Up the arms, down the arms: you never got to see the festival. There has always been someone on you. They got the worst part of being human. What’s your name? The buttocks? No, it must be cleared through customs. Ass, you have to say it. They saw Giletti’s ass, Coletta’s ass… There is a saying: an armchair without an ass is like Zingaretti without the d’Urso ”.

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