Sanctions against Russia – Serbia intends to ignore restrictions

The Serbian authorities intend to resist the imposition of sanctions against Russia as long as they can. Although Belgrade suffers heavy losses from this, it is still not going to join the restrictions.

“The price we pay is huge, we don’t have access to the capital market, when there is no access to the capital market, it’s impossible to service our loans … They say: “Vučić announces the imposition of sanctions” – no, we will fight as much as we can. We are doing a lot of harm, but we don’t ask anyone “thank you.” We are very tolerant without imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation, but we do this because we are an independent country,” Vučić said.

Recall that in late February, the Serbian authorities refused to impose sanctions against Russia. Vucic then explained that official Belgrade allegedly supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but the introduction of restrictions does not meet the interests of his country.

At the same time, recently Serbia announced its intention to reduce dependence on Russian gas.

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