Technology Samsung Blu-Ray Player suddenly don't work anymore in the...

Samsung Blu-Ray Player suddenly don’t work anymore in the world


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Many Blu-Ray Player from Samsung does not seem to work suddenly. Since a few days, more and more users on the Internet complain about the same Problem, about the reason for the failures is still a mystery.

Since last week customers abound on the net a growing number of reports from Samsung about broken Blu-Ray Player. Will be affected, among other things, the models Samsung HT-J4500, HT-J5500, and BD-J5500. The phenomenon occurred first in the English-speaking forums in the United States, but now also in Europe.

In the case of a malfunction, the Player will constantly try to load a disk, even though none has been inserted. The devices were no longer usable and would hang in a kind of endless loop, as can the comments and Reports in the Support forums and the social networks found. Some of the facilitators in the online forums advised to, first, separate the devices for some minutes from the power or hold the “eject”Button is pressed. According to user comments, this would not fix the error however.

The reasons for the technical problems, a lack of clarity still prevails. The Internet is being discussed, but already hot. So the speculation of an error range stick Firmware Update up to a hacker attack. An official Statement from Samsung to the possible reasons is yet to come. You’ve informed the developers of the devices about the Problem and work with high pressure on the solution, it only.

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