Entertainment Salma Hayek without a drop of makeup surprises everyone...

Salma Hayek without a drop of makeup surprises everyone with her beauty, it seems 30


One of the actresses who has remained beautiful and young over the years is undoubtedly Salma Hayek, who, no drop of makeup surprise everyone with his beautyeven It seems a girl 30 years old.

The beautiful Veracruz, Salma Hayek He posted on his Instagram account a photograph showing that age is just a number for her, because his face reflects youth and beauty. He showed himself to the native in a selfie that has been flattered by his followers.

Apparently, the actress is on vacation in a heavenly place, because in addition to the washed face, she wears a pink fuchsia swimsuit, and in the background you can see the beautiful beach, on a hot day.

And, after an intense day with the season of awards for the best of cinema, where Salma Hayek she served as a presenter of one of the categories in the newly delivered delivery of the Oscar awards, the Mexican took a break, and enjoys it wholesale.

Even at 53, she has chosen to walk the natural one, because just yesterday we saw her wearing an outfit of Balenciaga and without a drop of makeup, and now we see her in the same way, only wearing a swimsuit. And it looks gorgeous!

His followers did not miss the opportunity to fill it with compliments and good comments, ensuring that the natural looks beautiful.

“What a beautiful, natural woman”, “Perfect”, “Shining as always”, “Every day more beautiful, you are so beautiful, Salma”, “Every day you look more beautiful”, “Salma, even without makeup, ¡¡¡ you are very beautiful !!! I admire you very much!“were some of the comments he received.



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