Salesforce is transforming the future of retail with new innovations and partnerships

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced at NRF’s Retail’s Big Show, the world’s largest trade association, a series of innovations and partnerships to power the future of commerce, helping businesses to modernize their systems, develop flexible digital strategies and connect with their customer wherever they are.

The Holiday Shopping Report reaffirms the success of online sales

The Holiday Shopping Report analyzes data from more than one billion shoppers about the software they use from the Salesforce Customer 360 platform and activities across commerce, marketing and services. It reveals that online sales topped $1 trillion globally during the holiday season of 2021.

Here are the other main lessons:

Christmas inventory was down 2% (globally) from 2020 due to supply chain issues. This encouraged consumers to anticipate their purchases and play it safe: thus, 30% of global sales were recorded during the first three weeks of November.

Despite the e-commerce boom, physical stores have not said their last word and continue to play a crucial role in the customer journey: 60% of online sales were influenced by brick-and-mortar, generation at the conclusion of sales.

Furthermore, the report estimates that by next year, 25% of purchases will no longer be made online, through apps or directly in stores.

The innovations announced contribute to the future of commerce and perpetuate the shopping experience with flexible innovation

For 2022, Salesforce is unveiling new partnerships and innovations in Commerce and Marketing Cloud to enhance the commerce experience. New features help businesses develop agile digital strategies to connect with their customers at all times. The customer journey is thus improved and the shopping experience pushed to its maximum.

New Salesforce Customer 360 capabilities and partner ecosystem innovations powering the future of commerce, enabling businesses to modernize systems, develop more flexible digital strategies, and connect with customers wherever they go be.

These new innovations and partnerships combine the power and flexibility of the Salesforce platform with an expanded ecosystem, so merchants can create fast, connected, and highly personalized shopping experiences.

Today, we’re excited to announce new digital intelligence solutions that use automation to help connect a brand’s sales and marketing data, deliver insights and analytics that optimize relationships, return on investment and revenue:

Datorama Connector for Salesforce Order Management System (OMS): This new integration enables e-commerce professionals and marketers to understand the relationship between marketing campaigns and sales.

Datorama connectors for Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central Inventory: Two new Amazon connectors optimize the marketing and sales performance of sales and orders made on Amazon.

Datorama’s e-commerce data model: Salesforce’s new out-of-the-box data model automatically organizes e-commerce data from any platform, making it ready for analysis and alignment with marketing performance data. These enhancements enable Datorama’s Einstein Marketing Insights to unlock artificial intelligence to proactively address key performance drivers of digital professionals to optimize marketing campaigns and e-commerce experiences.

Tableau Connector for Commerce Cloud: This new connector allows merchants to import third-party data sources transforming performance data into actionable insights through a unified view. By leveraging the power of Tableau, merchants can discover new data visualization capabilities and customize them as needed.

At Salesforce, we pride ourselves on working with digital professionals to bridge the gap between commerce and marketing. These new digital intelligence solutions aim to achieve this goal through the power of automation, helping companies grow their customer relationships and business.

The integrations announced today also include:

PayPal at Checkout for Salesforce Payments: By adding PayPal to their checkout experience with an easy one-click setup, brands using Salesforce Payments now have even more options to reduce payment friction and drive sales.

Salesforce Commerce for B2B Wholesale Retail: Built on Commerce Cloud by ISV partner XCentium, this digital portal for wholesale apparel and fashion businesses supports preseason ordering, seasonal replenishment, and fully automated team interactions self-service and sales

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