Sad news in the Dolanský family: father Zdeněk died († 68)

“Our dad, Zdenda Dolanský, left yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much to everyone who called you, and all of you who loved him, remember him and have something good. If it will be possible to organize at least a small event, for example in cooperation with the Municipal Theaters of Prague, we will contact you, “wrote his son Jiří. This was followed by his former home stage of the Prague City Theater, which also reported on the death.

Recently, he could be seen in series such as Rapl, Modrava Police and Kriminálka Anděl. He was known as a drummer thanks to the character of Reverend Lovejoy from the series The Simpsons. He performed on stage for more than fifty years. He worked, for example, in the theater in Jihlava, Příbram, Kladno and the ABC theater in Prague. He ended his career in the Municipal Theaters of Prague, where, coincidentally, he began as a props before studying.


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