Sabah FC asks for Saddil Ramdani’s transfer of IDR 4.9 billion

Sabah FC player, Saddil Ramdani is being targeted by Serbian Super League club, FK Novi Pazar. (Source: Lotulung)

YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Saddil Ramdani’s agent, Alexander Talpes, said that Sabah FC asked for transfer money to release the player to a European club.

According to Alexander Talpes, the money that Sabah FC asked for was 300 thousand euros, or around Rp. 4.9 billion.

Previously, a Serbian club, FK Novi Pazar, was interested in signing Saddil Ramdani from Sabah FC.

FK Novi Pazar sent an email to Sabah FC to release Saddil Ramdani for free.

However, the request was flatly rejected because Sabah FC wanted a transfer fee to release the Indonesian footballer.

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Because, Saddil Ramdani still has a contract until December 2022 with Sabah FC.

As a result Saddil Ramdani’s dream to play in Europe this season has been closed.

Saddil Ramdani himself said that there was an agreement with Sabah FC if any European, South Korean and Japanese clubs were interested in him, they had to release him for free.

The agreement was discussed before Saddil Ramdani pushed for an additional contract in mid-2021 and asked to be added to the contract statement.


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