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Russian surgeon … a substance we use in the kitchen and causes cancer!


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Russian oncologist Ivan Karasev urged to drop refined sunflower oil, as it can cause the development of cancer.

The doctor pointed out that the oil obtained after the refining process includes hexane and gasoline, and it is absolutely impossible to remove it from the product.

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Exposing the causative agent to increase the risk of death in cancer

In addition, under the influence of high temperatures, for example, when used for frying, carcinogens are formed in the oil. It is absorbed in the products and with it enter the body daily.

“Refined oil contains a large amount of trans fat that accumulates in the body, and over time, the increase of these substances leads to the development of various diseases and of course cancer,” Karasev wrote on Instagram.

The doctor concluded his speech by saying: “It is better to use high-quality olive oil because it contains many antioxidants, which avoid the accumulation of stimulating toxins for cancer cells in our bodies.”

Source: Novosti


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