Russian, Iranian and Chinese navies prepare to hold joint maneuvers


The navies of Russia, Iran and China are preparing to hold joint maneuvers. PHOTO/Pars Today

MOSCOW – Navy Russia , Iran and China will hold joint naval maneuvers. Thus Russia’s Pacific Fleet reported, as quoted by the news agency TASS.

“The naval group of the Pacific Fleet consisting of the missile cruiser Varyag Guards Order of Nakhimov, the large anti-submarine warfare ship Admiral Tributs and the large marine tanker Boris Butoma have docked at the Chabahar port in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the statement said. Pacific, Tuesday (18/1/2022).

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“At the port, an official delegation of the Russian Navy will take part in a planning conference to hold naval exercises with Russian, Iranian and Chinese warships,” the statement continued.

Still according to the statement, Russian Navy ships will also replenish food, clean water and fuel supplies in ports. The Pacific Fleet Navy task force departed from Vladivostok and began its long-range deployment a few days before the 2022 new year.

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During their long-term deployment, Russian Navy ships are scheduled to stop at the ports of several states, including the Republic of Seychelles. The port visit will mark 105 years since the Russian Imperial Navy armored cruiser Varyag visited Victoria Harbor in the Seychelles Archipelago.

During long-range deployments, the Russian naval task force will hold scheduled exercises, including international maneuvers as part of a group of battleships in different parts of the Ocean.



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