Russia will supply the Earth with electricity from space

Russia’s state corporation Roscosmos has developed a promising project to build a solar space power plant that will transmit solar energy from space to hard-to-reach areas of the Earth or to other spacecraft. This was announced by the company “Russian Space Systems” (RCC), part of “Roscosmos”, writes Prime Agency.

“Specialists from the RCC have completed work on a project for a solar space power plant. The development will provide a regular supply of electricity from an alternative source of electricity to remote regions of the Earth (island, mountain and north), regardless of natural conditions and weather. allow the transfer of energy to other spacecraft – for “planned recharging” and in case of emergency, “the statement said.

The space power plant will consist of a space and a ground part. There will be a transmission module in space: an unmanned spacecraft with an area of ​​70 square meters, which will accumulate energy from the Sun and transmit it to Earth. A receiving module will be located on Earth: a system of terrestrial mobile antennas that receive solar energy from a spacecraft through a laser channel, transforming it and retransmitting it to its destination.

The transfer of energy from space to Earth will be with minimal losses, as solar panels located in space are many times more energy efficient than those located on Earth, according to the RCC.

In outer space, the efficiency of solar energy is ten times higher than on Earth. Solar energy can be converted into a laser beam and transmitted to Earth with minimal energy loss. This development is an excellent alternative to thermonuclear energy “, commented a research engineer from RCC.

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Roscosmos also points out that the space power plant will be equipped with a control device that allows a balanced distribution of electricity, as well as a buffer for the accumulation of excess solar energy.


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