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Russia wants to start in the autumn with the production of Corona vaccine — RT English


On the search for a vaccine against COVID-19 pharmaceutical supply company in the world to a race. Russia wants to start in the fall with the mass production of a Vaccine. In September of this could go in the large-scale production.

A total of seven research institutes involved in Russia independently of each other with the development of a Corona vaccine. Vice-Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova told the Agency TASSthree of these projects are promising. According to the current Tests on volunteers, the admission of the drug in August is planned. In September, the vaccine could go into large-scale production.

Mass production: First Batch of Russian Drug against the Coronavirus in hospitals
(By the pallet drug against the Coronavirus - Avifavir can be produced in large industrial scale)

Currently, clinical voluntarily run tests with 50 soldiers, including five women, as the Russian Ministry of defense announced. The volunteers will be injected small quantities of the pathogen that stimulate the immune system in the body, and this specific antibody to form, in order to defeat the Virus. The Doctors monitor the condition of the volunteers, in which daily, in addition to other values, blood pressure, pulse and temperature will be measured. The studies should be completed by the end of July.

The state Gamaleja Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow had already announced in may, to have a vaccine developed. These have created an immunity against Corona without any negative side effects, said the Institute’s Director, Alexander Ginsburg. The scientists of the Institute had tested the substance on himself and on animals.

The number of Corona-infections rising in Russia on a daily basis to more than 8,000. Since the beginning of the pandemic, and infected the country almost 540,000 people with the Coronavirus, nearly 7,000 test positive died.

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