Russia agrees on astronaut flights on Crew Dragon

Photo: NASA

Russians will fly on SpaceX ships

Moscow advocates the resumption of cross-flights to the ISS on Russian and American ships.

Roscosmos and NASA are preparing an agreement on cross-space flights to the ISS. A Russian cosmonaut can fly on an American spacecraft in the fall of 2022. This was stated by the head of the NASA program on the ISS, Joel Montalbano, reports Interfax Wednesday, October 6th.

“Last week I was in Moscow, talked with colleagues from Roscosmos. I tried to promote this agreement. .) an astronaut as part of the Crew Dragon-5 mission and, under the contract, free of charge, at the same time period to have an American on the Union, “Montalbano said at a press conference on the Crew Dragon-3 mission.

Earlier, the executive director of Roskosmos for manned programs, Sergei Krikalev, said that the state corporation is in favor of resuming cross-flights to the ISS on Russian and American ships.

According to him, this “requires a certain confirmation of the governments both in our country and in the Congress on the American side.”

“The bureaucratic work continues, we believe that this is the correct scheme in terms of technology,” he added.

Since 2011, the delivery of crews to the ISS was carried out only by Russian spacecraft, before that there was a cross-system, according to which American astronauts received seats on Russian ships, and Russian cosmonauts on American ones.

Recall, October 5 to the ISS Russian ship Soyuz MS-19 docked, on board of which there was a film crew with the participation of actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko. This docking had to be done in manual mode due to an automatic failure. Two sets of equipment for the Kurs automatic rendezvous system failed in turn.

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