“Running on the beach comes in handy, but not barefoot” Running Clinic, by Natacha López


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The coach and athlete Natacha López. / lp

Runner and national coach, the Valencian responds to the questions of the readers of LAS PROVINCIAS

M. R. Valencia

López is an experienced athlete (she has conquered several marathons, among many other events) and a national trainer Of athletics. Very recognized in the world of running, Natacha founded her own club, ‘Natacha López training team’ at the end of 2019.

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The Valencian runner overcame breast cancer and is an important activist who has given visibility and strength to many women who, like her, suffered from the disease. Natacha was
awarded by the ECO Foundation (Excellence and Quality of Oncology) and received the Award for the Most Relevant Social Personality in Oncology for his work demystifying the conception of patients.

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This week Natacha answers a very pertinent question at this time when the holidays are approaching, such as the suitability of running on the beach. The athlete explains that it comes in handy, but not barefoot, unless we are minimalist. This is because
foot muscles are not acclimated to jogging without shoes. He also advises doing strength and proprioception exercises in the sand.

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