Rotterdam SP figurehead Leo de Kleijn expelled: ‘Purification will be continued’


The SP has expelled the former party leader in Rotterdam Leo de Kleijn. The cancellation took place by e-mail, De Kleijn reports on Twitter. He was three times party leader in the Maasstad.

Opposite the AD De Kleijn says he is “very sad”. “That’s what I’ve walked out of my shoes for all those years. And paid 150,000 euros over the years. Couldn’t even ring a bell. Now I think for a moment: what did I do all this for?”

De Kleijn showed himself in November last year in a opinion piece on already critical of the way in which the SP deals with critical members. “The SP is digging its own grave. Not only is that stupid and unfortunate for the party itself, it’s also very bad news for anyone in this country who wants to champion a systemic break with the right-liberal policies of the past decades,” he wrote.

In the municipal elections in March, De Kleijn is the list pusher for Socialists 010, a party of expelled SP members. Although De Kleijn is not a member of the new party, this was a reason for the SP to terminate its membership.

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