Roscosmos has developed a ship for suborbital tourism

Photo: Roscosmos

Russia plans to develop space tourism

The crew will be outside the sealed capsule, directly in outer space in spacesuits, the developers say.

The Russian rocket and space corporation Energia, which is part of the Roscosmos corporation, has patented a suborbital ship for space tourists and high-altitude parachute jumping. It is reported by TASS Sunday, November 14th.

“The group of inventions relates to the control and design of reusable spacecraft with vertical takeoff and landing, which can be used for space tourism, high-altitude parachute jumps, and others,” – stated in the patent for the invention.

According to the proposed scheme of use, before takeoff, crew members in spacesuits will take their places in the ejection seats. The main engine will lift the ship to an altitude of about 40-50 km, then the ballistic flight will continue to an altitude of 100 km. Flaps are released at this level, after which braking and descent begins.

It is argued that the flight participants will be able to feel the vacuum of outer space through the spacesuit.

“During the flight, the crew members must physically feel the features of outer space, so the crew is outside the sealed capsule, directly in open space, in spacesuits,” the message says.

The ship will be in zero gravity for about three minutes. During this time, tourists will be able to “float” not only over the chair, but also in open space if they have appropriate training and attachment with a halyard.

The developers claim that due to the design, the maximum speed of the ship during descent will not exceed 1 km / s. “Therefore, the heat loads will be negligible,” they say. At the final stage of the descent, the main engine is switched on again, in front of the ground, the speed decreases to almost zero.

Recall that in February 2022 NASA will send to the ISS first fully commercial crew… Four people will spend eight days at the station, working with the astronauts.

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