Business Rogue tops the list of vehicles 2021 Nissan

Rogue tops the list of vehicles 2021 Nissan


Nissan recently announced that the Rogue, its most popular SUV, will top the list of five vehicles that expected redesign for 2021.

Still has no official date for the market of puerto rico, but their manufacturing japanese already confirmed that it will come equipped with the entire suite of safety technology, Nissan Safety Shield 360, including emergency braking with automatic pedestrian detection, support beams and alerts from the blind spot, cross traffic, rear and involuntary change of lane.

To these are added the technologies alert safety rear door, the intervention in the blind spot and the recognition of traffic signals, in addition to the system of cruise control ProPILOT Assist.

Thinking of the families, Nissan has now extended to the rear doors to access the vehicle without need of key, also known as Intelligent Key. The loading door is opened with motion sensors.

The new front centre console with opening butterfly-shaped facilitates the access to the second row.

The seats, ensures the brand, are inspired by aerospace technology.

For the first time, Rogue is equipped with a climate control system of three zones unique to your class.

This will be the interior of the new SUV of Nissan. The shifter is completely electronic. (supplied)

In terms of technology, the new Rogue promises to include a front screen 10.8-inch full-color is another of the novelties of Rogue, one of the type “head-up” largest in the segment. In addition, it includes a group of indicators “Digital Dashboard of 12.3 inches and a large screen floating touch of 9.0 inches.

Google Maps and Waze can be controlled from the cockpit with simple voice commands.

Rogue is one of the first vehicles to offer the system ProPILOT Assist of Nissan, a technology and driver assistance that reduces the hassles of driving on the highway, and makes long trips.

ProPILOT Assist combines the assistance to the directorate and the cruise control to help moderate the acceleration, braking and handling in both heavy traffic as the freeway is open.

This system uses radar technology and state of the art cameras to provide a braking smoother, a better feeling of the assistance of direction and a better detection performance when the other vehicle is changing lanes.

The new design of Rogue 2021, both at home and abroad, seeks to reflect a spirit versatile, fun, edgy and adventurous. The same incorporates the elements of design characteristic of Nissan, as the floating roof, and a grill “V-motion” improved, in addition to adding new features like the unique shape of the pockets and the details of the body in the form of a “U”.

The new LED light bulbs multi-level with an area of illumination extended are standard on all models of the Rogue 2021.

This new model is 3.8 inches shorter and 0.5 inches lower than its predecessor.

In its interior, the new design of the electronic shifter eliminates the need of mechanical equipment, allowing for an additional storage space beneath the new floating centre console.

In terms of efficiency, the new Rogue points to the 30 miles per gallon.

The new engine DOHC 2.5-liter 4-cylinder in-line with the system of direct injection of gas (GDI) sheds 181 horsepower,while torque increased to 181 lb-ft.

For the first time, the Nissan Rogue also will be available in five combinations of two tones.



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