Robert De Niro: My assistant stole me!

Robert De Niro believes that his former assistant Graham Chase Robinson has spent 3 million of the miles (equivalent to 300 thousand dollars), which he has as a regular passenger of the airlines, providing him with discounts on flights, writes He is also convinced that she transferred another 4.5 million miles to her own account.

The actor has been fighting with his former collaborator since 2019, and now he is returning to court for another round, Epicenter writes. Graham Chase Robinson sued the Hollywood legend for $ 12 million three years ago, accusing him of discrimination, aggression and indecent behavior. The enraged bull denied the attacks.


The former De Niro employee began working as his personal assistant in 2008. She rose to the position of vice president of his production company Canal Productions and was responsible for production and finance. By the time she retired from the company, Robinson was earning $ 300,000 a year. In court documents, she claims that De Niro called her a “bitch” and spoke to her in a “hostile, insulting and intimidating way”.

Some time ago, De Niro’s lawyers said that Grayham threatened her former employer that she would reveal his deepest personal secrets in a book if her demands were not met.

The employee states that the Hollywood ace called her insulting and mocking names, had outbursts of aggression provoked by alcohol, made obscene and vulgar jokes, made her scratch or tie his shoes, urinated during a conversation, met her in pajamas. or a robe and made her meet in private in his apartment or hotel room. The actor required her to be available around the clock. If she didn’t pick up the phone, he would insult and threaten her.

De Niro also allowed himself unwanted physical contact with her. He also forced her to perform “female” tasks – to put away his underwear, to hang his clothes, to wash the blankets and clean his apartment, even to choose gifts for his children. Grayham also claims that she worked 11 hours a day without a break.

In a leaked voicemail, the actor can be heard shouting and swearing at Robinson, calling her a “liar.” He also threatens her that “she’s done” and asks her “how dare you allow yourself such disrespect”.

Grayham commented that all this is typical for him. “It was part of his routine – when he got drunk, he called Miss Robinson and started insulting her,” said assistant lawyer Alexandra Harwin.

Before she filed the $ 12 million lawsuit, De Niro was the first to sue her for $ 6 million in damages. She is accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal purposes – paying her own expenses from the company’s official account. According to De Niro, she wandered the streets during working hours and watched TV series in the office all day.

To date

New documents filed in court allege that Robinson spent four years hanging out with the company’s card. She wasted them on food, Uber, dog watching, cameras, iPhone, Pilates lessons, dry cleaning, home flowers and other “pocket money”.

She is said to have converted over 7 million miles from Delta SkyMiles in two years, using 3 million for personal travel. She also transferred another 4.5 million to her personal account. De Niro says the value of the miles is $ 300,000.

Robinson also went on vacation to London, where she paid with Canal credit cards for taxis and food. During a trip to Los Angeles, Robinson paid $ 2,600 for her stay at the Montage Hotel, $ 156 for a dinner at Nobu, another $ 604 for a second dinner at Nobu, and $ 729 for a rental car. With company money.

Robinson denies using credit cards and questions whether she made all of the purchases.


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