RI’s COVID-19 Resilience Ranks Lowest in the World, Ministry of Health Speaks Up


Bloomberg has again updated its analysis of the resilience of the COVID-19 response of 53 countries worldwide. Their report as of 30 November comes after the Omicron variant is feared to be a new threat to the world.

Although the trend of COVID-19 cases is declining, Indonesia’s COVID-19 resilience ranking has dropped to the second lowest ranking in the world. Following after the Philippines.

The Director of Prevention and Control of Directly Infectious Diseases (P2PML) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, opened her voice regarding the assessment of Indonesia’s COVID-19 resilience, which is the lowest in the world. According to him, the condition of the country is now much better.

“If you look at our current conditions, such as the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the European Union, they even give us a good category,” said Dr. Nadia.

“The CDC recommendation is good news for all of us. The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to show progress that is getting better,” he continued.

As is known, the CDC has included Indonesia in the level 1 category. This means that the transmission of COVID-19 is very low.

The CDC itself divides five levels of risk in handling COVID-19 in a country, levels 1-4 to unknown levels.

In line with Dr. Nadia, the Chair of the COVID-19 Task Force for the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) also questioned Bloomberg’s analysis. He even highlighted several previous Bloomberg assessments which had mentioned that it took 10 years for the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia to end.

“Why does Bloomberg insist on framing Indonesia to always be backward. In February 2021 they said Indonesia needed 10 years to overcome the pandemic,” he tweeted on his personal Twitter account, Thursday (9/12/2021).

“Last August, our COVID-19 resilience was considered the worst. Currently, we are placed second bottom. Worse than Malaysia. Sentiment?” he continued.

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