World Riot, when you try to view the former president...

Riot, when you try to view the former president in the White House, to knock down, to pick up


The Anti-racismebetogers in Washington have tried to make a statue of the 19th century, president Andrew Jackson down to pick it up. The statue is located in the square near the White House, where the police department this month, and with a firm hand and acted against the protesters in order to pave the way for the president’s Home. He then, with a bible in his hand, shooting at a church, an action that would give him a lot of criticism in return.

Also, at this time, the police are hard on people, it was the pepper spray is used to get the protesters to disperse. In the clashes were some of the activists head on. The picture, which is that the president, whether in uniform, on a prancing horse, and is still, at its base. Jackson, the seventh president of the country, it has been controversial due to his harsh actions against the indigenous peoples of the U.S. and its harsh treatment of the slaves who worked for him.

Supporters see him as someone who is in the political establishment for daring to challenge you, and that is the expansion to the west of the united states has given renewed impetus. A picture of him standing on the bank notes of twenty dollars; also, this has been a matter of discussion.


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