Revealed, this is the female figure in the exciting video before being edited to become Nagita Slavina

Jakarta, Insertlive

The emergence of a video of a syur with a woman similar to Nagita Slavina created a stir in the virtual world.

However, the police firmly stated that the video was fabricated.

wife’s face Raffi Ahmad | it was affixed to the body of the woman in the video.

Instagram account fanbase Nagita Slavina finally found out who the woman was.

So, this is the real video of the face, thank you for those who still believe in Mama Gigi & continue to support Mama Gigi ❤️,” wrote the account @nagitaslavina__1717.

Revealed, This is a Woman in a Porn Video before Editing So Nagita Slavina/ Photo: Doc. Instagram

The netizen who saw the female figure was not Nagita then flooded the post with furious comments with the video editing stunt.

Nowadays everything can be edited 🥲🥲 may God not give him broken fingers that edited to ruin other people’s names!!, “said muniratoma ***.

Even if there’s a lot of videos, people will also know that if you’re an older brother, it won’t be possible,” added yudithinri ***.

It’s so different from Nagita’s mother.. her face is different and beautiful.. Sultan’s mother is also Nagita.. all of the sultan’s family are healthy.. aa rhafatar n dd Rayan ❤️❤️,“added chaeriyahbie_qo ***.


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