Business "Reuters": the European Union exacerbates the "Johnson & Johnson"...

“Reuters”: the European Union exacerbates the “Johnson & Johnson” on a vaccine against Corona



Revealed Reuters, citing its sources, that the European Commission is locked in negotiations with the company “Johnson & Johnson” of America about the possibility of buying an experimental vaccine developed for the Prevention of corona virus.

And these negotiations, the first of its kind by the authority executive of the European Union since gaining authorization from the government of the adaptation to the use of the funds of the Contingency Fund report dedicated its more than two million euros, to conclude a deal with the 6 producers of vaccines against MERS-CoV.

Confirmed a senior official in the health sector is one of the states of the union, told”Reuters” that the agreement assumed between the European Union and the”Johnson & Johnson” is still “under preparation”.

Another source said in the UNHCR conducted a telephone contact with “Johnson & Johnson” last Tuesday on a potential agreement.

For its part, the company responded to the request for clarification from the agency, saying they are already engaged in talks with several governments and global in the context of their quest to develop a vaccine against the “SGRF-19”, and refused to provide more details about the project.

And “Johnson & Johnson” to start clinical trials on humans to meet them in the second half of July.

And last week, announced that all of Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, they got 400 million doses of the vaccine candidate from the making of the British pharmaceutical company “AstraZeneca”, developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Agency stated that the European Union is also trying to make a deal about the vaccine with Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical industry and vaccines.

Source: Reuters


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